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     Blue Earth County, Minnesota
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My name is Martha and I am the County Coordinator for Blue Earth.
I do not live in Minnesota, but have roots deep in her soil.
I am happy to answer questions and assist with locating research resources.
I can be contacted via Email using this link.

Brief History of Blue Earth County
The Wiki for Blue Earth County can be found here.
Blue Earth County Historical Society
The Blue Earth County Government Site has a very informative history.

Blue Earth County Neighbors:
Brown ~ Nicollet ~ Le Sueur ~ Waseca
Faribault ~ Martin ~ Watonwan
Interactive Map of Minnesota [1916]
Township Plat Maps

Search Blue Earth County

Cemetery Indexes ~ Cemetery Locations
F~A~G [BE County]
U.S., Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection, 1847 - 2015
"Born in Blue Earth County, MN"
The Explanation is here: Data is on Ancestry

Glenwood Cemetery: Mankato
Interment Files : Death Registers
LDS Film 1671609 : Set of Indexes
To access the actual images, log into FS, Search Catalog,
plug in film number where it says "Fiche/Film"
Use image numbers from Index to find items of interest.

Native Americans in Blue Earth County
Mankato = Blue Earth
Minnesota = Cloudy Water

There are 11 federally recognized American Indian Tribes in Minnesota
A search on site using "Indians in Minnesota" gives this result.

Historical Maps

Perry - Castaneda Collection ~ David Rumsey Collection
MN Department of Natural Resources
More Maps:
From the Alabama Collection ~ From the Historic Map Works
And finally: Google Earth

Surveyors Maps: 1850's [Base Maps]
[Click on 'Download County' at left]

History of Blue Earth County
With Biographies of it???s Leading Citizens

Hughes, Thomas, Chicago
Middlewest Publishing Company, Publishers, 1901
The Index can be found here. The whole book can be downloaded here
I am happy to send pages of interest: Please include Name and page number and send query to Martha

History of the Minnesota Valley: Blue Earth County
By Edward B Neill : 1882
Index for Blue Earth County [Thanks Tim]
I am happy to send scans.
The book can be downloaded here, it is full of great information.
Biographies from other County Histories.
"With a connection to Blue Earth County"
This collection was done a long time ago for the US Bio Project.
I found the various County Histories on Heritage Quest and the Internet Archives
The file is a searchable pdf. Happy Hunting

The FS Wiki has a long list of Biographical Information for Minnesota.
Use this link

Individual Biography: William J Glynn
Blue Earth County Historical Society

More Historical Resources
There are a lot of books that have been written about Minnesota,
many of them have information
about Individuals who either were born or who lived there for a time.

Most of the Indexes for the books on the site linked below do not break down the location,
so searching them using "Blue Earth" is required.

Using " Minnesota History" on the Site gives these results.

I found two books written about Swedish Immigrants in Minnesota.

They are chock full of very interesting information: Biographies & Genealogies
 Mail Lists, Lookup Volunteers, 
  There is a new list for Minnesota which can be found here:  
iogroups, Minnesota
 Lookup Volunteers Wanted
 Types of Lookups: Obituaries ~ Books about Blue Earth 
 Military Records ~ City Directories 
 Please contact Martha if you have access to any of the above resources.
 Donald Broadwell lives in Mankato and is willing to 
 look up information on 
 birth and death records after 1870
  John Dalby will do lookups in an extensive database 
 and list of publications. 
  Database features.
 I have access to Archival News Databases  which 
 have old newspapers.
 Please include full name of person and
  approximate time frame


 Interested in another Minnesota County?
 Here is the List of Counties.

"What's New"
New Resources: Newspapers
California Digital newspapers
This Site has a great collection of CA Newspapers,
but many of them have articles from
other States including Minnesota
Use this Link

I have access to the following Subscription
Databases [Library Editions] ~ Fold3 ~ Historic Map Works

Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
Lookups: Contact Martha

Canada, Obituary Collection, 1898-2018 [Anc]

There is a website dedicated to Canadian Obits
from local papers.
Please use this link.
US Obituaries

"Reclaim the Records"
The above site uses the 'Freedom of Information'
act to initiate access to records.


The actual data can be found on FS & Ancestry 
All the Database Indexes can be found on my new IceDrive

Family Search Files are here.
Ancestry Files are here.

Marriages, Deaths, Vital Odds
Cemetery, Coroner, Funeral Homes
Crime & Prison Records
Passports, Passenger Lists, Employment
Military, Miscellaneous

Minnesota Counties
Blue Earth, Carlton, Dakota, Hennepin
and St Louis
Minnesota Files are Here

 LDS and Ancestry Records: Gleanings
Miscellaneous Vital Records...from online Resources
Minnesota Historical Society: Vital Records

Vital information can be found in various documents:
Here are some:

PassPort Applications ~ RailRoad Employment Records

Social Security Applications [1936-1990]
Naturalization Index
Will Records: 1849 > 1985

Did any of your Family go to Colorado?

Here is info on Colorado Divorces: State Wide
Filmed Records: Family Search
1900 > 1939 & 1975 > 1992
Information Entered:
CO County of Divorce ~ Date & Place of Marriage
Number and Names of Minor Children, if any
Maiden Name Restored ~ Date of Decree
Film Numbers are Here
Civil War
Rosters of Enlisted Men: Blue Earth Townships.
Information transcribed from the History of Blue Earth County,
Hughes, T, 1901

Minnesota Historical Society ~ Fort Snelling
Minnesota Civil War Units ~ Battlefield Maps
Civil War Burials - National Search Engine ~ Civil War Veteran Burials
Compiled Service Records: Union Soldiers

Minnesota and 'The Wars'

Colonial Wars ~ Dakota War of 1862 ~ 150 Years Later
1862 Indian War Claims ~ Civil & Indian Wars: 1861-1865
Spanish American War & Philippine Insurrection
G A R Membership Records
Modern Wars, WW I, WW II, Korea [Ralph Carlson], Vietnam
WW II Honor List of Dead or Missing
Prison Burials - Roll of Honor: 1865-1867
Homes for Disabled Veterans: Index [Records on FS]
Soldiers of the Great War [MN]
Military Headstone Applications: Index
Register of Patients in Naval Hospitals

1890 Veteran's Schedule

Odds & Ends

"Social Notes" ~ Surname Index ~ Photographs
Will Index

1865 Census ~ Minnesota State Census Records
1857 Territorial Census

Swedish Genealogy
"How to trace Native American Ancestry"

Blue Earth Township Histories
Beauford Judson Mapleton
Butternut Valley Leray Medo
Cambria Lime Pleasant Mound
Ceresco Lincoln Rapidan
Danville Lyra Shelby
Decoria McPherson South Bend
Garden City Mankato Sterling
Basic Vitals: B ~ M ~ D
Mankato Births & Deaths

Births: 1913 > 1914  ~ Deaths: 1913 > 1915
Documents are here
If the link does not work, sign in, then use it.
So please, log in and use the Catalog and Keyword searches

Below is a separate section of Vital Records
Index to Vital Images:
Use the chart below to access the index images
Alpha Range Alpha Range
A > B N > O
C > D P > Q
E > F R > S
G > H T > U
I > J V > W
M > Mc Y > Z

Then go here for the actual documents

LDS Vital Records: Births & Marriages
MN Birth Index: 1935 > 2002 ~ 1840 > 1980
Marriages: 1860 > 1949 ~ 1849 > 1950 ~ 1958 > 2001

LDS Film 868493: Marriages, 1865-1866 & 1870

Pgs 52-59 ~ 60-69 ~ 70-78
Deaths: 1908 > 2002 ~ Deaths & Burials: 1835 > 1990

Obituaries, Newspapers & Bulletins
Chronicling America ~ Google News Archive
Minnesota Historical Society - Old Bulletins
Obituary Books ~ Obit Indexes [1947 > 1950]
Obituaries from NewsBank
For the 5 MN Counties I host:
Blue Earth ~ Carlton ~ Dakota ~ Hennepin ~ St Louis
1986 > 2020
Contact Martha for Obit
The index is a searchable pdf file.
Obits are sent as an attachment to an email.

Other Obituary Databases

California, Oakland, Alameda Co., 
Newspaper Record Collection, 

The images are available on Family Search, 
sign in for access.

Obituaries: 1865 > 2006 [Died in MN, POB: CA, MO, OR, PA]
Obituaries: American Historical Society German's from Russia, 1899-2012

Obituary Index [Minnesota State University]
Minnesota Digital Library

Family Search: Historical Images
This is a comparatively new resource and is seriously underused.
See the Info to the right which gives the locations and types of Records.

The Resources are wonderful, but the search parameters and functions are intimidating to the novice FS Catalog Researcher.

The following will help you get a handle on information that could be of value to your search for Family data.
The chart linked here will be a decent guide.
To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account: Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
You can begin with the search, but if you get lost or cannot figure it all out, then use the chart I have created to access the information.

Backtrack to Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number of interest from the Charts in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.
Historical Images: Family Search
Amboy, Garden Center, Lincoln Township, Vernon Center,
Mankato and St Clair

The various types of Records:
Church Records:
Baptisms, Funerals, Pastor & Congregation Members

Misc Birth Records
Biographies ~ Brands
Burials ~ Funeral Cards ~ Cemetery Data ~ Obituaries
Naturalization & Declaration of Intent ~ Military Data ~ Tax Lists

Time Frames: 1859 - 1989

Vital Records: Blue Earth Neighbors:
Brown, Nicolett, Le Sueur, Faribault, Martin Waseca & Watonwan Counties

Blue Earth County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham
State Coordinator: Tim Stowell
Assistant State Coordinator: 
Karen De Groote

For information about adopting a Minnesota County, please contact Tim

"The Fine Print"

All materials, images, sounds and data contained herein are not to be copied or downloaded for purposes of duplication, distribution or publishing without the express written permission of the Blue Earth County Coordinator. All data will stay with the MNGenWeb Project when and if the Coordinator resigns: Future contributions or donations will be returned to the Submitter upon request. Although believed to be correct as presented, any corrections, changes or additions or invalid links should be brought to the attention of the 

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